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9430 Warner Ave, Ste A
Fountain Valley, CA 92708



Monday - Saturday:  7:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Sunday:  7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


About Us

Café' & Te’ are the two elements that I believe balance my life.  My day starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a pot of tea. Coffee gives me energy boost in the morning and throughout my day, whenever I need one. Tea re-focuses my attention, re-centers my emotions, bringing forth new ideas and passions; be it during a lull in the afternoon, or after a long day at work and dinner is done, then you’d find me in my world of tea… 

Growing up in Montreal, the Canadian-French city best known for their Parisian-style cafes - I started drinking café-au-lait since my high school days. I'd always find an excuse to go to a cafe to just hang out with friends, finish up some homework, or to prepare for exams. 

The art of Te’ came to me naturally in adulthood. Tea has become so connected with me that sometimes I feel as if I have betrayed my first love, coffee.  I simply cannot live without tea. It has become so personal to me that I feel it represents me. I' select different kinds of tea for different occasions - when I'm with my family, friends, or just by myself.

Our busy life takes a lot of time from us. Coffee keeps us moving while tea slows us down, reviving our inner selves, reminding us what is beautiful and meaningful within and with out.

Enjoy life, seize the moment, embrace our passions,